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Rental of sports camera

QUMOX SJ5000+ with WiFi.

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This camera model has WiFi, 16MP camera, a 1.5-inch screen, recording at 1080p at 60 FPS with 170º viewing. 32GB SD card, included.

1 Working day: 25,00€    |    Weekend: 45,00€

Sports camera accessories

Chest Harness

Chest support, ideal for sports.

1 Working day: 3,00€

Front elastic

Front elastic strap compatible with all Qumox, easy release and ideal for sports.

1 Working day: 3,00€

Stick Pro Pole 8

Perfect for achieving impossible angles: under water, downhill, in the air ...

1 Working day: 3,00€


Suction cup attachment system with holder for the Qumox camera. Durable structure, light weight and easy to use.

1 Working day: 3,00€

Helmet support

1 Working day: 3,00€

Adhesive Anchors

1 Working day: 7,00€

Tripod adapter

1 Working day: 3,00€


1 Working day: 3,00€


Wall charger

1 Working day: 3,00€


Car charger

1 Working day 3,00€


Precios 2017:
Un día completo de alquiler: 25€
Un Weekend completo de alquiler: 45€
Envió de los videos realizados durante la Working day: 15€
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